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To save the most money and get the cheapest California car insurance quotes possible, we recommend quoting with the top 3 to 4 online companies and also with your local agents. Not all companies sell car insurance online, and many times, the lowest rates can be obtained through agents! Read more tips!

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If you're looking for a California car insurance agent, or just comparison shopping to save money, here are some important informational articles to keep in mind when you shop for auto insurance online.

California liability insurance

Can I legally drive without liability insurance?

Think you can drive without liability insurance? Think again! Find out what you HAVE to know about car insurance in California!

Teenage Insurance

What determines how much my car insurance costs?

Everyone wants cheap car insurance. Find out how these factors impact your car insurance premiums

Cheap California Car Insurance

Cheap California Car Insurance: Myth or Reality?

Buying car insurance online is a personal choice. By following these auto insurance buying tips, you can make sure you save the most money!

Filing a car insurance claim

How do I file a car insurance claim?

Having a vehicle damaged in an accident is painful enough. Follow these steps to make the claim process as painless as possible.

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